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Holistic Relationship Coaching for the deeply feeling, sensitive, and intuitive woman who wants to experience calm, clarity, and confidence during and after her divorce.
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Dear Sensitive One,


No matter where you are in your relationship or divorce  journey I know your heart and vision for your future have been shattered into many pieces and that the path forward is wrought with emotion, confusion, and fear. You’re terrified and excited to think about what life holds for you next. Mostly though you’re wildly exhausted. It’s been a hell of a ride. 


If you find yourself overthinking, stuck in negative self-talk, repeating unhealthy relationship patterns, and/or feeling overwhelmed, disconnected, and untethered emotionally, it's a sign that personal growth and guidance are needed to allow divorce to be your catalyst into a higher version of yourself.


 Hi, I’m Sue Bruckner, and I run With Intention, a personal development company offering holistic relationship coaching & programming for the deeply feeling, sensitive woman navigating divorce and beyond. I am here to guide you to your center so you can move forward into a life you love from a place of calm, confidence, and radical authenticity.  


I know from personal and professional experience that the quickest, most impactful way to grow, heal, and transform is to be witnessed and celebrated each step of the way. This is what I offer. I am your non-judgemental, compassionate, and grounding presence during the upheaval of a divorce as well as the reinvention of yourself post-divorce. This is my passion, my gift, and my calling.


Connect with me today. Your future self thanks you!


Sue B

I offer three levels of programming to best meet your emotional needs as well as your budget.


 All programs are designed to:

~ Strengthen your emotional wellness foundation, 

~ Guide you to your authentic center, and, 

~ Foster relationship readiness skills (ensuring a meaningful, healthy partnership in your future!!) 

Bespoke Programming:


Feeling stuck and unsure about how to journey into loving again after your divorce?

Bespoke programming offers you high-touch, high-level coaching delivered through a 1x1 individualized approach that meets your unique circumstances such as life and work schedules, current relationship readiness skills, and the level of support you desire.


Programs range from 4 months to 1 year, with the option of renewal.


If you are interested in my Bespoke programming, email me at with “Bespoke” in the subject line or book a complimentary consultation call with me below. 

Sanity through the Divorce Programming:


If you're navigating the divorce process and feeling overwhelmed by conflict, to-do lists, and intense emotions, my Sanity through the Divorce Programming is designed to support you. 

I offer bite-sized emotional wellness boosters through flexible, easy-to-schedule short calls and/or in the moment texts and voice messaging. 

These boosters help you re-center, emotionally prepare for challenging situations, decompress afterward, and process strong emotions like grief, anger, and fear.

 My goal is to guide you from despair to purposeful, productive movement, so you can exit the divorce process feeling whole, centered, and intact.


If you are interested in my Sanity through the Divorce Programming, email me at with “Sanity” in the subject line or book a complimentary consultation call with me below.  

Membership Programming:


Tribe, my newly launched monthly membership program is tailored for sensitive women contemplating, going through, or already having moved beyond divorce. If you often feel that very few people in your life truly understand you and your experiences, and you prefer a group approach to wellness, this is for you. Or, if you simply crave a community of deeply feeling women also impacted by divorce, this is for you!


As a member, you'll have access to my community platform where you’ll find:

~ Personal development trainings,

~ A supportive forum for connected conversations with like-minded women, 

~ Opportunities to share personal experiences that inspire, nourish, and uplift each other, and 

~Much more. 

For more information about what Tribe offers you, follow this link.

If you have questions about Tribe, please email me at with “Tribe” in the subject line.

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