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I spent so many of my earlier years thinking my sensitivity was a burden to others, an inconvenience. Wanting so desperately to please those around me, it became something I needed to fix, or at the least, hide. My quiet nature? Not acceptable and definitely not embraced. Maybe you can relate. What parts of you are you trying to fix or hide? What have you been told is unacceptable? Unlovable? Our culture is so big on deciding how girls and women should act and look; what we should strive for; where we should invest our energy. It takes considerable work to break these dangerous shoulds and to find your place in a world like ours.


For me, this lifetime is about walking the edge with vulnerability and fierceness. I have been surprised by how often vulnerability is misunderstood, or how the need to “fix it” supersedes listening, empathy and a warm embrace. I am committed to living bravely. As a hero of mine so often says, “If you are brave with your life, you are going to get your ass kicked.” I have so found this to be true. I have experienced a rawness in grace, and reached deeply to muster the courage needed to get back up again and to learn from life, from fear, from falling.To choose otherwise felt like stepping away from my life's purpose.

The wisdom and healing I’ve experienced from all these ass-kickings has prepared me to be a powerful guide for your journey into love.

For over 20 years, I have been dedicated to my own personal growth, viewing life as a spiritual journey. I have been a practicing Professional Counselor since 2008, integrating Neuroscience, Positive Psychology and Spirituality along with strong intuition, empathy and wisdom. 

Now, as a Holistic Relationship Coach, I am Your guide, my dear Sensitive Single Woman, into becoming a loving, confident steward of your inner world, able to skillfully navigate this wild ride we call life. From here, and only from here, can you have the connected, understanding, and healthy intimate relationship that is your birthright. 


*I invite you to read about my journey from therapist to coach here.



I have experienced a rawness in grace and reached deeply to gather the courage needed to get back up again and to learn from life, from fear, from falling. To choose otherwise felt like stepping away from my life's purpose. I have tremendous empathy for others because I have experienced a glimpse into their reality through my own journey, as I believe the Universe has allowed me personal insight into painful situations along with the ability to sift through and create meaning out of struggle.

I have tirelessly welcomed these challenges and have vowed to use what I have learned to help others; to guide them through a smoother and more supported process.


You feel fragile, too affected by others, unsure of your path or how to pursue what you love or feel depressed or anxious?

I help women cut through the noise of life to uncover their true selves and to live their life honoring their individuality.

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