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with Sue Bruckner MA, LPC

Dear Beautiful Sensitive Woman,


You are part of my tribe and I’m so glad you are here. Truly. 


I imagine that since you are here you may be disappointed with your life, wildly lonely in your relationships, trapped underneath the expectations of how or what you think you should be. Perhaps you are joylessly striving for something you can’t quite name; you are living a life that leaves you feeling unsettled, confused and questioning, “Is this it?”

And, you know the answer. You know that it is a solid NO, that this is not it. 


I want you to know:


Your beauty is in the rawness of an unfiltered existence.

You are responsible for how you move through this world.

You can choose to grow from what “happens” to you.

It is time for you to love who you are now & to be excited for who you are becoming.

You are doing better than you think.

You can start trusting yourself.

Your struggle is essential AND you are not meant to stay in it.

You will break generational patterns.

You are meant to give and receive LOVE. 


Put your warrior cape on. I am here to guide you.

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As a Holistic Relationship Coach, I have expanded my reach globally with my

Transformational Coaching Programs.

I guide my clients into becoming skillful and confident stewards of their emotional world. I proudly walk the talk and use my gift of alchemy to make gems out of life’s BS. 

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