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Did You Say This?

Does this sound like something you would have said?

“I have a lot of anxiety around doing my life right. It bothers me that certain situations are really hard for me when for others they’re easy. Why am I so affected by others? I wish I wasn’t so mean to myself. Why do I treat everyone so well and then be so hard on myself? I wish I liked myself. I wish I weren't so difficult.”

These words ring true for so many of my clients when they first come to see me.

Soon, though, the dialogue shifts and this is what I hear:

“I get who I am and know that I am my personal wiring and that I can love this. I have learned to treat myself well! To understand and value my “limitations”. I am able to set healthy boundaries with others and to practice self-compassion. I feel emotionally well and know that ups and downs are ok. I am strong and I love who I am and who I am becoming!”

As a Professional Counselor and Holistic (Inner)Life Coach, it is my life work to help your dialogue change. Contact me today.

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