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Finding Joy Even When Life is Sucky

Even self-proclaimed Joy Warriors have very hard days. We’re human after all. For me, being a joy warrior means that some days the joy doesn’t come easily and yet I am so super determined to have moments of joy that I seek them out. Wholesome moments of joy. A leaf falling down in a flight pattern of its own brings me joy. The clouds shifting across the horizon bring me joy. A squirrel’s crazy antics bring me joy. The way the trees look without their leaves in the winter brings me joy. As you can tell my joy often comes from the natural world. That’s one reason I so deeply love Mama Earth but that’s a whole other blog post.

No matter how hard my day is -and they have been hard trust me on that- I can always warrior my way through the pain to find joy, even if just for a moment. Those moments add up though. At the end of the day, they have stockpiled within me so when I call the day over my gratitude for these moments carries me through.

I teach clients to train themselves to find these joyful moments because they are our saving grace on the truly hard days. I actually call them “this” moments. “This” moments are all around us but to be a Joy Warrior you need to practice finding them every single day so that it becomes habitual. So that on the really shitty days finding joy won’t be an impossible task.

Pay attention to what makes you smile. Every day.
Be mindful of your natural world. Every day.
Collect “this” moments. Every day.
Be a Joy Warrior.
Make joy habitual.
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1 Comment

Dec 05, 2019

Excellent tips on overcoming those darker days! thank you Sue!

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