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Is Your Hallway a Bitch?

I went to a workshop years ago on healing your heart after a loss. The facilitator said something that I found absolutely spot on. He spoke of the well-known saying that when one door closes, another door opens. We’ve all heard that and probably have said it to someone or even to ourselves. Here’s the part I love though - he then pointed out that the hallway between the doors can be a bitch.

The hallway can be a bitch!!! Does that resonate with you?!?!

What closes a door?
  • Death

  • Break-ups/Divorce

  • Job change

  • Graduation

  • Having children

  • Becoming empty nesters

  • Loss of a friendship

Time spent in the hallway can be brutal, truth be told. Facing the rollercoaster ride of grief. Questioning everything. Isolating yourself. Fighting the urge - or not - to turn to vices or old patterns. Messy cries. And so on and so forth. Some days in the hallway I have found the pain so intense that I collapse to the floor. The grief so raw it physically hurts. The hallway can most definitely be a bitch.

BUT what happens when you allow the hallway to also be a sacred space? What happens if you intentionally pause? If you embrace the hallways inner bitch and in doing so you transform? You get real honest with yourself about your role in your present day circumstances. You reevaluate your life path. You begin to align with hope of a new beginning, one in which you enter as a Higher Version of Yourself.

I like to look at life in terms of chapters. I trust - and I hope you do, too - that when a chapter of life closes, another chapter will begin. Just like the door closing and another one opening. I even consider myself an Alchemist - making gems out of life’s bullshit by gleaning wisdom from the previous chapter - no matter how painful. The wisdom gleaning? The gem making? That happens in the hallway. In what I call the “pause”. I make the hallway a sacred place and because of this my new chapter will be more aligned with my authentic self. I will enter it braver, wiser, and more resilient. A Higher Version of Myself.

You can do this too. Contact me today on how I can support you through this bitchy hallway!

Stay tuned for my next blog on taming the bitchy hallway.

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