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Divorce can be a major catalyst for growth

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

Let’s be absolutely to the point here: divorce sucks.

When I got married, I never ever thought divorce would be my reality. I suppose no one with integrity and intention goes into marriage thinking about their divorce or having an exit plan.

Truthfully, the summer I got married was a summer of weddings. I often would wonder which couples wouldn’t make it. A bit awful to think about, I know, but the statistics are there and I was curious to see what unfolded. And, I NEVER EVER thought my marriage would be one that didn’t make it. NEVER EVER. NEVER EVER. NEVER EVER.

Flash forward a decade and, well, we didn’t make it.

Have I mentioned divorce sucks? Whether it was your choice or not (it was mine), whether it’s a rare one that is amicable or not (mine was not), whether there are children and/or pets involved or not (yes to both), divorce is a DEATH OF A DREAM. The carpet has been pulled on a future together. A future you believed in. A future you invested so much of yourself in.

Enter grief. SO much grief. Did you know that grief feels like every emotion and its opposite? Sometimes within a minute’s timespan?!?! It’s an emotional rollercoaster.

I have seen divorce crush a person. Distort their perception of reality. Be their excuse for negative behavior. I have seen people wear blinders to the pain, repeating negative patterns in new relationships and being surprised at their unhappiness.

This is divorce at its suckiest.


When people come out of the divorce shit storm transformed, their integrity stronger than ever.

Divorce can offer the opportunity to start a new chapter with more strength, resilience and trust than you’ve ever had. With a greater understanding of who you are and who you are becoming.

Divorce can be a major catalyst for growth. The ended relationship can turn from a failed experience to a successful one. It’s about perspective. It’s about having the courage to rise again.

It’s about asking for support to help you learn your lessons, take responsibility for your role and move bravely forward with your Joy Warrior cape on.

Are you going through a divorce?
Already divorced?
Years beyond your divorce?
How is your new chapter?
Does it need to be REVAMPED?
I can help.

Connect now to learn more about receiving a high level of specialized support in a time when everything is shifting for you.

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