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What the F does a Higher Version of Your Divorced Self look like?

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

As a Professional Counselor and Holistic(Inner) Life Coach, I have created REVAMP, a one-year transformational program designed specifically to help divorced women (and some men!) step into a higher version of themselves. But what the f does that even mean?

This. This is what it can look like when you step into a Higher Version of Yourself.

You will:

  • Feel proud of yourself at the end of the day

  • Use the break-up/divorce as a catalyst for personal growth

  • Enter your next chapter with integrity and intention

  • Raise your vibration so you attract positivity and healthy relationships into your life

  • Reduce the impact of your divorce on your children

  • Step away from limiting beliefs and unhealthy patterns

  • Be part of a supportive, no drama community of high integrity people

  • Be empowered to take risks and step out of your comfort zone

  • Learn how to maintain healthy boundaries

  • Know your relationship deal breakers and learning to read and be honest about the red flags

  • Get skilled support re-entering the dating world

  • Realign with your personal values and understand what it means and feels like to live in alignment with these values

Step into trust of your journey, of your choices and of the Divine support always available to you

Deepen your connection to spirit, to something larger than yourself

The flip side?

You stay stuck in comparisons, guilt, shame, judgement, anger, blame, anxiety, depression, mood swings, despair, triggers, unhealthy patterns, disconnection and so many other low vibrational emotions.

Invest in your new chapter by accepting the invitation to step into your Higher Version. Your future self thanks you.

Connect now to learn more about receiving a high level of specialized support in a time when everything is shifting for you. I’ll have you fill out a quick questionnaire, schedule for a 60-minute free clarity call, and, if we’re a good match I’ll ask you to put your warrior cape on and join me for REVAMP, a transformational experience of a lifetime!

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